Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus?

I believe you have to define these terms first.

Being Jewish and following Judaism are different.  Not all Jewish people follow Judaism.  Nor is the Judaism of today in line with what the scriptures teach.

Most people confuse the two.  That is the problem.  They say that if a Jewish person does not follow Judaism – then they are not Jewish.  Yet – nothing can be further from the truth.

Here is what God says about the matter.  Being a true Jew is being born to Jewish parents AND having your heart circumcised.  A plus B is a true Jew.

Having a heart circumcised is VERY important to God. (see Deuteronomy 10.16, 30.6, Jeremiah 4.4) 

And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart…” (Deut 30.6)

So…. being a true Jew is to have a Jewish parent(s) and to fear the Lord (a circumcised heart).

“This is the one I esteem:   he who is humble and contrite in spirit,   and trembles at my word.” (Isaiah 66.4)

Sadly – we guarantee you that the majority of Jewish people do not even read the Jewish Bible often enough (or even at all) to tremble at His word.  We do.

So who does God esteem?  Read the above verse from Isaiah again.  That is more important than bearing the label “Jewish” (which we are by the way.)

So, Jewish equals a person born of a Jewish parent(s). A biological descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  

That is why God is called the “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” and never called “The God of Judaism.”  

God uses “people decent” there to show that the Jewish people are exactly that – “a people” physically descended from Abraham , Isaac and Jacob.

And these people He promised a Messiah to.  We believe that Jesus is that Messiah based upon the prophecy of the Hebrew Bible.  Simple right?