Frequently Asked Questions

Should I support the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews?

The problem with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is that Rabbi Eckstein does not make it clear enough at all that he rejects Jesus as Messiah.  

His TV infomercials have Messianic Jewish music playing in the background.  He uses video clips that make Christians believe he is one of them in accepting Jesus as Messiah.  He plays the endorsements of many Evangelical leaders.  All this is misleading and muddies the waters without a clear statement that he differs with his viewers theologically on a very important issue.

Over many years now, Christians have been shocked to hear us tell them that Rabbi Eckstein does not believe in Jesus as Messiah.  As a matter of fact, he would discourage any Jewish person from seeking out Jesus as Messiah.  And he refuses to work with Messianic Jews.

His salary is over $1 million dollars a year which is disproportionate to the work he does.  And his organization, in 2012, raised a whopping $113 million dollars.

So should you support him?  We will leave it up to you to decide after reading this information.